The Day’s Too Dark

Four-o-four, it sure drags by
Lying awake, a sad night fly
Out on the street a mad dog barks
I live in the night ‘cause the day’s too dark.

Can’t go to parties since you’ve been gone
People don’t fill me, it’s been too long
Crimes of the heart are the cruellest kind
Guilty of loving and losing my mind.

Maybe I’ll find a real good book
Help me forget how happiness looks
Turn being lonely into an art
I live in the night ‘cause the day’s too dark.

New best friend is my cigarette
I look through the bottle, I try to forget
Another failed love, oh but that’s not news
Another sad prisoner of the blues.

Rain on the window, tears in my eyes
I should have know better, a fool for your lies
Frozen in time with a pain in my heart
I live in the night ‘cause the day’s too dark

Man Down

Man down, I watched him fall
Snapped my fingers, he heard the call
Just didn’t stand a chance
This tower of power was putty in my hands

Man down, hostage to love
I ain’t no evil, I’m a gift from above
The chips were always down
Game over, man down.

He’s gonna see that I’m the best he could get
I’m glad he came by and got caught in my net
I don’t need a dog, I got a new pet
I’m gonna make him howl.

Man down, fell like a tree
Crashed to the ground with just one squeeze
Forget the second round
Knock-out baby, man down

Man down, fell like a tree
Cut by smile and my LBD
The circus just left town
Show’s over, baby, I watched a man go down

Déjà Blue

I’m suffering from déjà blue
The lies that you tell me
The dreams that you sell me
Don’t feel like something new

Pretending that the things you do
Won’t hurt me this time
Not like the last time
I gave myself to you

Forgetting your smile wasn’t easy
The sound of your laugh took a while
The songs that we sung fail to please me
I thought I was over you, but I let you back

That’s why I’m feeling déjà blue
A fool for believing
You’d ended deceiving me
Now it’s just take two

I walk the way I used to do
Two steps behind you
I’ll always remind you
My life is déjà blue


It’s All Good

Look around, you’ll see that it’s all good
Sun is shining in your neighbourhood
Live for now and clouds will drift away
What’s the problem, you’re looking at a brand new day

So stop wearing that long face
Horses would if they could
Smile that smile and show that it’s all good
Don’t hang out in a dark space, get back into the mood
Smile that smile and show that it’s all good

Crazy people sometimes chew your mind
Turn around and leave those fools behind
Desperation ain’t a natural state
Just remember things’ll come to those who wait

All lyrics © Roger Niven